Start of the Project

Successful I think not

4th Year at University demand all Computer Science students complete and individual project. This was a challenge I initially welcomed with great excitement but slowly the excitement has waned and now its nothing more than a desperate race to the finish line.

As usual the majority of my time has been spent in the configuration/set-up stage of the project so far taking tiny baby steps towards a ready to build workspace. First of all was getting to grips with Maven and the m2 plugin for eclipse which cause huge amounts of problem with repository’s being out of sync as i had downloaded the latest version of Maven. If you are ever using maven and create a new project but it fails to build from a plugin repository not found error  when using the WAR packaging option in the POM.xml the fix to this is to simply downgrade your version of Maven which at this time is most likely 3.0 to 2.x. Hey Presto you should be up and running on the Maven front also when using Maven please do all your commands like package ect from command and not via eclipse.

So Maven was done now for step 2 , Install my Database , the db of choice Oracle Enterprise Edition this is fairly uncomplicated which astounded me the only thing that made this a burden was the tedious install times luckily enough Call of duty Black Ops was on hand to kill some time. ps I could have been designing my database at the time it was installing but like any other application why bother having a efficient db.ko

Maven and Database done this couldnt be going any better maven has been configured to download the Jersey framework for my web app and im feeling fantastic.In my exstacy  i decide to make a Helloworld example and deploy it to my heres one I made earlier Tomcat6.0 server. But wait its hit your head of the wall time as iv forgot the password to the Tomcat manager a swift google solves this by editing the tomcat-users.xml and were off now lets deploy that app

mvn package = successfull

mvn tomcat:deploy = fail


Cannot deploy application to the selected context path just when i thought my day of editing xml files of settings and closing tags was over this happens and im faced with two options

Black Ops or Fix it

I Just got a Rolling Thunder!!!