Web App is Go!

After around 3 weeks of constant programming and UI design I finally have a functioning Web App that is built around the Spring framework which was surprisingly easier to learn than first expected. What I have noticed during this experience of building my first application is that using flex it is very very easy to clog up the server with unnecessary requests when using the Call Responder . This caused me to keep much of the processing on the Server side on use Result Events of the CR to trigger a chain of events this is a very useful feature and even better Flex almost automatically handles most of the Data modelling.

My new quest and one that if there is time I hope to include in this current release of the application is Data Visualization and how it can be used in web applications these days it seems to me that this is the key in making an application that stands out from a run of the mill application.

Hopefully can get some code for that up soon as possible.