Starting Android Development – Tips!

Uni is over forever and I decided in my free term to get to grips with some mobile development. The idea was to start iPhone development with iOs and Objective C but this was short lived due to my lack of Apple computer. So Android was the next best option and my experience so far has been a good one. And I have a few tips for any newcomers to Android and mobile development.

1. Follow the tutorials on the Android dev website to gain basic understanding of the application structures , the notepad tutorial is particularly useful and will give you a good grounding to go on and make basic applications. These tutorials can be found here – tutorials.

2. If you find the XML declaration of the GUI and Strings in the R config files confusing or can’t get to grips with the syntax then

What can be done in Flex

download a free trial of Flex Builder 4.5 and follow the testdrive . This simplifies the GUI design and application design greatly and allows you to make great looking apps very quickly and easily. However it is important to add that these apps run on Adobe Air and this comes with some drawbacks to performance than normal android apps , using flex for apps should be considered heavily against the performance requirements of the application.

So far using both these methods the last few days I have made 2 apps, one of which will be hitting the android market soon, there are limitations to normal flex users also as 4.5 for mobile doesnt contain flex alerts, combo box and other components however it is possible to compose these yourself. I plan on starting work on an Android Alert component as all others iv encountered do not size adequately for mobile applications and are often heavy with images and icons.

happy coding