Android Dev Diary – Killer Week 1

Since my last post I have  started work on my first Android game!! (exciting times). I hope that by setting this dev diary up I can track my progress and document my experiences for others to learn from.

So I already had much of the game logic sorted from a previous java project and just had to get the UI sorted. As a programmer I have limited skills with Photoshop and hadn’t anticipated the problems that would come from having to make my own graphics as good graphics can be all the difference.

My game is a strategy/luck game where you have to make a serious of decisions that ultimately end with the user winning a fake cash sum. I started with a very basic UI until the game logic was solid at first it looked pretty shady as shown at end of post

Once I had this and was happy with the play through I started to work on new graphics to spruce it up slightly.This was difficult and in future would consider getting someone with more experience but as this was my first dive into games and a side hobby I thought id try myself and version 2 and 3 can be seen below.

For new Android developers something that may pass you by but is extremely useful is Parcelable which allows you to pass data between Activity’s using native type such as Strings,ints and doubles. This allows you to keep data rolling between activitys and is much better than using serializable which if Java is your native language you may be tempted to, as this comes with serious performance issue. (I Intend to add a tutorial for Parcelable soon)

Now my game has decent not great graphics and has its basic structure complete my quest to improve user feedback and get some sounds has begun and its not fun 😦


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