First Android App – Entering week 3

Since my last post I have polished the application up made it look a little nicer and considered some additional features that will improve the game. In this time I have added sound effects and found all about the magic of the MediaPlayer and Vibrator functions to add some subtle user feedback  The difference this makes to an application is astonishing just giving the user some basic feedback when they touch a button or perform an action whether its visible,audible or touch sensitive make user experience much more fun.

As this is my first Android app and game It is a very simple game with a simple premise similar to that of Deal or no Deal, the problem I currently face is what model shall I adopt to publish my app, Hopefully some more established developers can give me some advice here are my 3 options –

  1.  Release trial version with ad’s

If  the game proves popular enough and gets decent ratings I have a full paid version of the app that I can release that has more features that will add a new dimension to the game and adding things like leaderboards.

      2.  Release demo version (without Ads)

Release demo version for free and take the feedback to improve upon in future applications

  3. Release Paid version only (Lease prefferable)

This is the least preferable method as I personally wouldn’t buy anything I hadn’t tried, but I understand that people do make apps using this model and this is there Business model.

So far I am thinking about going with option 1 but any advice from other guys would be great.

The second thing is if I do use ad’s what is the easiest ad provider to use and what ad provider would provide the best income stream for an app of this nature maybe some of you guys can give me some advice!

This app is basic I understand this and as its my first app was more of a learning experience than a quality app building exercise. But I am keen to here from other developers.

I will update about what is chosen








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