Week 3 – App Published

It’s been a tricky few weeks but finally all the learning and extra hours outside of work have paid off. I have reached my 2012 goal of publishing a game to the Android Market Killerballs.

In my last post I was discussing what Ad Provider to choose but in the end I stuck with AdMob even though the ad revenue isnt great but Im still treating this as a learning experience as this is an unknown realm to me. My game is a demo version of the potential free version that might come around if the demo proves popular. Please have a look and tell me what you think.

It got increasingly harder and harder to finish the app and publish it , as the bug fixing and long arduous nights of trying to solve errors was taking its toll and as it was my first app I feared the feedback may be poor and knock my confidence. If I can give anyone advice I would say take the jump and publish your app otherwise all that work has been lost, even if you don’t get the best feedback Its all about learning and people will never usually just abuse you the criticism is usually nice and constructive.

Before I started this app If I had an idea I had no knowledge or way of planning how it will work, now after completing this small project and learning as I came across obstacles I am able to plan future projects and estimate the work required.

So my advice is get publishing those ideas that you pushed aside. Going to start work on planning my next application which I think will be much more popular as I am quite excited about it myself. Also will post a tutorial on Parcelable a part of SDK I found really helpful and probably do some analysis of AdMob and provide a review depending how it all works out.


Will keep posted, Thanks



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