Week 2 – Android Market (Beginners Experience)

Last week I posted about my first week on the Android Market, This week has seen the end of Week 2 and I thought I would update on what has happened with my app Killerballs below :


Android Market (Installs)

So last week I was just about hitting 50 installs, a week later and I am around 150 the net installs is much lower at around 50/60% of this it does fluctuate day to day. I am fairly happy with this anyone that had read last weeks post will know that the game I made was meant to be an end to end learning experience of everything android so these figures seem quite good considering.  The feedback on the blog and the market has been extremely useful and It will definitely make my future projects run more smoothly.

As it stands currently my downloads are slowing creeping up by a few more each day, which can only be a good thing.

AdMob (Google’s Advertising Platform)

As I said last week I was disappointed with the AdMob Platform as the revenue per click was very low at $0.03 now I’m in the UK so with conversion that’s even lower, Also the fill rates weren’t all that great but they have slowly began to creep up once again. Now considering $0.03 a click I stuck with AdMob as this could add up over a number of clicks and especially because the primary goal was not to make money but to learn but…….. The days of the  3 cent click are long gone recently I have been getting more around the 1 and 2 cent mark i have yet to reach the dizzy heights of 3 cents again. This said I think tonight is the night that AdMob is turned off and I look to a new provider.

Leadbolt(App Wall)

the App Wall I implemented as part of menu has now been up for just over a week and in one conversion I earned 64 cents, A conversion in Leadbolt is when someone for example downloads an app listed on the app wall. I am really happy with Leadbolt so far I have heard a lot of bad things about them after my last post but I think If you are careful with how you implement you can see gains that overshadow AdMob

I would recommend Leadbolt on the basis that you are careful about how you show ads I don’t believe you should use the AirPush ads or App Icon features as they seem highly obtrusive to the users and I am positive this would result in terrible ratings on the Market even though you may be tempted as they will give you high gains but Is it worth it when users boycott your app because your that guy?

Of course this is easy for me to say as I don’t develop Apps for my living I am merely a hobby app developer outside my normal working hours and I do understand that it can be very difficult for developers to make serious money on the Android Market compared with iOS developers but I still think tact with ads will gain you much more respect.


I added Scoreloop to my app and It was very easy to integrate the main function I wanted was leaderboard’s this has proved a great addition and has added some competition to the app that was previously not there before. Check it out!

Next Steps

I have now got the decision on who to chose to implement my banner ads now I feel its time to leave AdMob. MobClix and MobFox get solid reviews and will look at them but I am very tempted to see what leadbolt offers in terms of banner ad’s I am just very reluctant that they may not filter the ad content and you get adult rated adverts but I will look further into this and will post if I see any improvement and may even do a comparison post. I have started a new project that hopefully I can shed some details on in the near future so the lessons being learnt with Killerballs will hopefully bode well for the new project.


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