Migration from AdMob to Leadbolt !

Thought I’d give an update on how the swap of ad providers has gone so far after a few days.

I have almost migrated all my Ad’s onto Leadbolt app banner from Admob and I have seen interesting results so far, app banner advertises an App most of the time and you don’t get paid for clicks but conversions and the EPC seems to be substantially higher than Admob. At the moment I still have some users on the Admob Ad’s perhaps they haven’t yet updated the app.


Here’s a quick snap shot of current proceedings

Admob – I seen a rise back to the highs of $0.03 cents woohoo 

Only showing the last 4 days as that’s when changes went in





LeadBolt – Note following figures are from last 2 d

ays, with $0.18 cents, and $0.0.7 cents from the two coversions





So overall first few days have been pretty good considering the rates that Admob has offered,I will keep everyone posted on whether this continues. In the meantime I would recommend signing up and trying Leadbolt for yourself you can do this via this refferal link – Leadbolt Ad’s


Good Luck – I have started work on latest project so will be tied up with that for some time will post as soon as time frees up with an update on the Leadbolt platform.


3 thoughts on “Migration from AdMob to Leadbolt !

  1. Leadbolt contacted me recently trying to get me to convert. After viewing their terms and conditions and also seeing how their ads worked I chose not to convert. One of their staff was pushing the prospect of notification ads and interstitial ads which both really piss off users.
    If there banner ads do better than admob though, then fair enough 🙂
    Pretty sure I saw a $100 minimum payout threshold too, which is a bit high if you ask me.

    I currently make $8-$12 dollars a day over about 25k-30k impressions a day so I think I will stick with Admob.

    1. Thanks its good to hear anothers perspective. I unfortunately dont have as much traffic I am starting to notice Leadbolt push the notification Ads however which is geting annoying

    2. Same concern here. It’s annoying to push notification to users though hgih eCPM looks like. maybe app wall is another choice.

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