Its been a while

It’s been a while since wrote any posts as the Christmas period was very busy and work has continued to act as a roadblock to any free time I may get. However today I had some time and had a realisation that March is on its way already and I have done little work on any of my projects. Q1 is a write off so time to switch attention to rest of the year, so here goes Q1 recap.

    GitHub Game Off 2012

My Last post Dart Canvas I wrote about using Canvas with Google Dart in November this was all in preparation for the GitHub Game-Off, I ultimately ran out of time and couldn’t complete my small platform game. As this was my first game development experience it was a good challenge. Picture of the small game can be found below still very basic. I have to say however I really enjoyed Dart for the development work, It just feels easy and natural to pick up coming from a Java background.

    Android Projects

I did start work on an Android project that I would really like to finish by summer this year all going well. Details of the project still underwraps no its not top secret I just dont know much about it myself. Its a fun app though I think…

    JellyBam Custom Roms

During the first start of the year I had some issues with my Galaxy S3, occasional lock ups forcing a battery removal to return to normal was begin to get more and more common. I took this as an opportunity to try out a custom rom for my device. After looking through a few I liked the UI configuration of Paranoid and the stability of Cyanogen. Jellybam was recommended by a colleague who had installed it on his S2 and combined features from other roms that I had liked. So far I have had a few issues but the stability is better takes sometime for the developer to get the release “Stable” but all in all its been a good experience.

Just a quick update I hope to be writing at least monthly again soon as I start my projects for this year, and learn about all those new features in Dart over the last few months.