Responsive Web Development

I have been struggling recently to find anytime to work on any pet projects due to work commitments. As you may have picked up from previous blog posts my first choice framework for web apps is usually bootstrap, Bootstrap is a framework for rapidly prototyping web applications created by the Twitter team. Over the last year or so Bootstrap has grown in popularity and many sites can be easily recognisable by the default theme.

Twitter Bootstrap Default
Twitter Bootstrap Default

Recently I wanted to try out the responsive functionality of Bootstrap, as expected it is easy and quick to create a simple application that can be scaled across devices without any great need to write any additional CSS media queries. By chance I came across Foundation by Zurb, a framework similar to bootstrap in many respects but maybe for more experienced developers, it also has a great range of templates and mobile specific responsive functionality built in. I decided to take a look and at first I wasn’t so keen but the framework forces you to create more custom elements rather than reusing the standard to death so in practice you will usually end up with a unique looking application. Features like off canvas elements and mobile CSS classes make creating mobile web experiences much easier in Foundation.

Foundation by Zurb Template
Foundation by Zurb Template

I hope to get back to doing some more work on my Dart projects soon but due to work I have been focusing on more traditional technologies. Hope to try update this blog a lot more often this year starting …. Now.


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