Polymer and Angular – A new adventure

For sometime now I have been building out a web app using AngularJS, It’s a great framework and you can build out web applications in no time at all once you overcome the initial and quite steep learning curve. However with all the chat around drastically different Angular v2, the web communities endorsements of Facebook’s react.js and my interest in the Material Design movement pioneered by Polymer, I decided to take a look at these in comparison to Angular.

Facebooks React was a complete departure from Angular and has its own XML like markup which in all honesty I couldn’t really buy into although many praise this feature. Long story short I decided to move on after creating some simple applications.

Polymer was next, as a framework to build entire applications it’s not quite as complete as Angular. Angular does things like routing, application structure, dependency injection very well. Polymer on the other hand is great at creating reusable components, Angular also has directives for this but in my option Polymer components are a lot easier to build/read and test. Over the next couple of weeks I am going to continue experimenting with using Angular for the application structure and business logic, and migrate directive to polymer components.

Hopefully I can get the chance to be a lot more active on this blog during this transition and provide some helpful insights to anyone else who might be partaking on this journey.